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GT Radial offers a full line of tires with SmartWay verified technologies for long haul and regional applications, and for every wheel position.

On a tractor-trailer combination, steer tires contribute 15-20 percent of the tires’ overall contribution to fuel economy, drive tires 30-40 percent and trailer tires 40-50 percent.

Verified by the EPA to meet the rolling resistance target values for their designated axle positions, these GT Radial FS (Fuel Saving) tires can be considering low rolling resistance tires.

The EPA has determined that certain low rolling resistance tire models, when used on all five axles on long haul class 8 tractor trailers, can reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel consumption by over 3 percent. And low rolling resistance tires can be used with lower-weight aluminum wheels to improve fuel savings even further.

When you combine the long tread life, durability and retreadability of GT Radial tires with the fuel efficiency of low rolling resistance, you’ve got lower operating costs and GT Radial performance.

GT Radial FS Commercial Truck Tires. Very Smart.